Cultural programme

World premiere of Prince Sankanu’s “Hisirin Walle” film

As part of the cooperation with the Gambian National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC) in promoting Gambian creative arts, the Alliance Française de Banjul (AF Banjul) welcomed the world premiere of “Hisirin Walleh” (Ungratefulness) film on Monday, 02 October 2017 from 8pm GMT onwards.

World premiere of Prince Sankanu's “Hisirin Walle” film
  • The film made by prominent Gambian filmmaker Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu in Sarahulle (Soninke) language, tells the story Siga and her rich husband Bala who are facing fertility problems. The absence of common children in their home is denting the picture-perfect outlook of their rich life. Siga could not bear the pain of countless miscarriages and the stigma of childlessness in a conservative society. She subsequently encourages her husband, Bala, to marry a second wife. The, Bala, a car dealer, refuses the offer and decides to remain loyal to her in spite of the delay in child bearing.
  • However, Siga managed to enter into a kind of devilish pact with her old friend Jonfolo by encouraging her to marry Bala and move into the compound as second wife.
  • The Siga, the first wife and Jonfolo, the second, are subsequently blessed with two sons and daughters each. The sudden blessing of the family with four children turns out to be a curse in disguise. The son of the second wife, Kasseh grows to become wayward, rude and non-chalant. Gundo, a friend to the second wife, Jonfolo, tells her that the son’s behavior is the result of evil spell. They subsequently visited Modi Kasara (played by Sankina Kanteh of the Soninkara Drama Group), marabou and traditional healer, who eats their money and tells them more confusing tales.
  • Things gets out of hand until the family bond breaks. Jonfolo, second one uses spell to drive the Siga first wife of the common compound. Siga flees abroad and falls sick as the ungratefulness of her friend-turned-co-wife is too painful to bear.
  • Hisirian Walle is a social drama produced by Prince Sankanu’s Gambia registered Sanxaanu Kaggoro Film Kaffo (SANXAAFI). It is the first Gambian film development organization to become official member of the Federation of Pan African Filmmakers (FEPACI). The cast of Hisirin Walleh are drawn from the Gambian Soninkara Drama Group and alsol include Sarahulle musicians like Ebrima Sillah (Sillah Yigo) and Kaira Boy Solja. Muhammed Sissoho of Sissoho of Sissoho Production and Sulayman Cham handed the cinematography under the director Prince Sankanu.
  • Hisiran Walle is the second film of Prince Sankanu that Alliance Francaise de Banjul is screening. On the 21st March 2017, AF Banjul hosted the world premiere of Sankanu’s PAIN OF SORROW, the first film produced in New Gambia. AF is also one of the key venues of the annual CineKambiya International Film Festival (CIFF) founded by Prince Sankanu as part of his initiatives of promoting the new Gambia cinema wave known as CineKambiya.