Past events

Movies Show Decembre

Movies Show Decembre

The alliance of Banjul organize 2 sessions of cinema in the media library in December.

Session for children and teenagers:

Wednesday, December 13 at 4:00pm : Christmas Mission

How does Santa Claus bring all the gifts, to all the children of the world, in one night?
Who never asked himself this question ? Here is the answer: this is a secret operation involving advanced technology, carefully prepared in a secret region of the North Pole ... Yet this time, a grain of sand will put the magic in danger. A child has been forgotten! And to top it off, it’s Arthur, the youngest son of Santa Claus and the least gifted in the family, who will try to save the day with his funny grandfather and a goblin obsessed with wrapping presents. ... The mission promises to be full of adventures!

Sessions for adults and teenagers:

Tuesday, December 12 at 4:30 pm : Office Chrismas Party

At the head of the family business, Carole threatens to close the branch headed by his brother party and his arm-broken team who think more to have fun than to make profits ...
It was enough for the latter to set an ultimate mission: to organize in the office a Christmas party totally epic and out of the ordinary to impress one of their biggest customers coveted and sign a contract that could save their job.

!!!!!!! The seats are limited !!!!!!!

D50 for non-member children
D100 for non-member adults
Free for members and students of the alliance