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Cultural Events on Transitional Justice

Cultural Events on Transitional Justice

UNDER THE HIGH PATRONAGE OF HONORABLE MINISTER OF JUSTICE, ABUBACAAR TAMBADOU and to show its support of the transitional justice process set up by the Gambian government, the French Alliance in Banjul and the French diplomatic antenna in the Republic of the Gambia have organized a series of cultural meetings on "transitional justice", at the French Alliance in Banjul, on April 15th, 16th and 17th, 2018.
These meetings, open to all public and free, aimed to contribute to the appropriation of the transitional justice process by the citizens, to give them a space for exchanges and debates around this theme, and to promote sharing of best practices between countries, including through speakers participation such as the Chadian movie director Mahamat Saleh HAROUN, guest of honor of these meetings.

Sunday 15th April: Opening with Killa Ace Show

Monday 16th April: Screening of Mahamat-Saleh HAROUN: "Hissen Habré: a Chadian tragedy" and "Darat, dry season"

Thanks to Angèle Diabang, who has mentored young Gambian filmmakers and allowed them to direct several short films on transitional justice in The Gambia.

Tuesday 17th April: Activities with schools on forgiveness during the cultural events"

Tuesday 17th April: Closing of the cultural meetings on the transitional justice with the realization of a graf inspired by the drawings of children."

Many thanks to all participants and stakeholders.