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Reopening of the French diplomatic branch in the Gambia, closed since 2013

The opening ceremony took place on Monday, 2nd July in the presence of his Excellency the Ambassador of France to Senegal and The Gambia, Mr. Christophe BIGOT.

Reopening of the French diplomatic branch in the Gambia, closed since 2013

The creation of this representation is an important step in the consolidation of relations between the two countries. Ambassador Christopher BIGOT said that France had decided in the 2016 presidential election that it was time for them to come and help the New Gambia.

"We want to help The Gambia in the reorganization and development of justice, which is why we decided to give 50 million euros and guide them on the road to democracy."
"Charbel, is chosen to be the new honorary consul of Gambia, I am sure he will be very anxious to help the French community in The Gambia. It deserves to be rewarded for his services to both countries. a few years ago, he was the chairman of a board of directors of Banjul and he continues to contribute to the development of this country, "
he said.

During the ceremony, Mr. Charbel N. ELHAJJ received the la Légion d’honneur from his excellent Ambassador Mr. Christophe BIGOT.

Charbel N. ELHAJJ, expressed his joy at receiving the award, affirming his support for the ambassador. "I owe a lot to this country that welcomed my parents over 100 years ago and I think it’s time to give my country back what it deserves, and I promise I’ll do my best to maintain good relations between France and Gambia and protect French nationals in the country, "he assured.