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The handover ceremony of the Légion d’Honneur to Dr Cherno Omar BARRY

Dr. Cherno Omar BARRY, Chairman of the board of the Alliance Française de Banjul, received the legion d’honneur from his excellent Ambassador Mr. Christophe BIGOT, this Tuesday, 3rd July 2018, during a ceremony at the Alliance Française.

The handover ceremony of the Légion d'Honneur to Dr Cherno Omar BARRY

The chairman of the board of the Alliance Française de Banjul has a long international career behind him. In particular, it has worked closely with partners such as UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF and other United Nations agencies. He contributed to the project to build the campus of the University of The Gambia and the African Center of Excellence.

Dr. Cherno Omar BARRY has also been appointed Director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, then within the Ministry of Youth and Sports and finally to the Ministry of Health and well-being.

Ambassador Christophe BIGOT highlighted in particular the important commitment of Dr. Cherno Omar BARRY for multilateralism, international development and Franco-Gambian relations. He also mentioned his experiences in Besançon and Limoges, where he lived and studied for several years. Always involved in the Alliance Française as a student, professor, cultural director, member of the committee, vice-president and finally chairman of the board. Dr.
Cherno Omar BARRY has always pursued his actions within the Gambian society by being co-founder of the Gambian association of French-speaking universities as well as co-founder of the association of teachers of French as a Foreign Language.
"What a beautiful course, what a career and personal fulfillment. You are a good example of a success story that will surely inspire many young Gambians in this great adventure of building New Gambia." Said the Ambassador of France to Senegal and The Gambia, Mr. Christophe BIGOT.

During his speech, Dr. Cherno Omar BARRY emphasized the importance of French in The Gambia and the prospects opening up for his country.
"Today, the Alliance Française gave me everything, through this unprecedented distinction in The Gambia. There are moments that remain etched in the heart, in the life and in the path of a man. This decoration in my honor, is part of it."

"Thank you to my country for giving me everything. It is a great pleasure to be a cultural representative of The Gambia beyond these borders. I dedicate this honor to my parents, my family, my wives and my children. I dedicate this honor to all Gambian fans of French language and culture. And I urge the younger generation to continue fighting for French with love, because no effort is futile. I would also like to thank Mr. Claude POGGIOLI, the current Director of the Alliance Française for his action during 4 years" Underlines Dr. Cherno Omar BARRY.