Presentation of the Alliance Française foundation in The Gambia

Presentation of the Alliance Française foundation in The Gambia

The Alliance Française de Banjul is part of the global Alliance française network of over 800 Alliances françaises spread across more than 136 countries in the world. Our mission is to promote the appreciation of French and Francophone culture as well as the knowledge of French language.

Affiliated with the Alliance Française Foundation in Paris, the objectives of Alliance Française de Banjul are:

  • To promote the francophonie through various programmes and activities & the french Language by teaching it at all levels with the latest information technology catering to students of all ages and backgrounds in an interactive and friendly environment. It provides structured, progressive French courses, based on the Common European Framework for Languages. These courses lead to internationally recognised qualifications in the language, in particular the “Diplôme d’etudes en langue Française” (DELF) and “Diplôme approfondi de langue Française” (DALF). The students of Alliance Française de Banjul benefit from academically sound and experienced teachers and have access to classrooms equipped with latest teaching aids;
  • To Encourage debates in an environment of tolerance
  • To Encourage intercultural exchanges

Alliance Française of Banjul offers :

  • • French courses at all level to all public
  • • A resource center centered on French culture & Francophone cultures
  • • Cultural Activities : concerts, video projections, theartre, exhibitions, dance courses, conferences, TV & radio programmes, etc.

Alliance Française of Banjul: