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Why choose the Alliance Française for to learn French?

Why choose the Alliance Française for to learn French?

It was an amazing day with our wonderful students who shared their views with the national Tv Station GRTS, on why they choose to study French, Why Alliance & one word to describe alliance.

Most of them chose to study French language because it counts as an advantage when it comes to their working environment, being bilingual is a plus to your CV!
“it will help me more when I go back to Nigeria” said one of the students. While others chose it for business purposes some found the culture and language amazing and fun to learn.

They rated Alliance as the best institution in The Gambia when it comes to learning French, with a suitable, comfortable and secured environment, the tutors as friendly and understanding. “choosing Alliance as an institution to learn French is simply because they have all the necessary learning materials for beginners I am 100% sure that whoever comes to Alliance… will improve in your learning in French” said a other student.

“Alliance as an institution of Excellence and devotion” with a suitable and friendly environment welcoming everyone.

To sum up the students rated Alliance as the best place in The Gambia to learn French at an easy affordable, well suited and friendly environment.

Registration begins right now and the next session is starting on January 6th . Do not hesitate to embark on the adventure !!!