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Photo exhibition "Redefined"

By Isatou Elitesha Jallow from the 21st to the 28th September 2019

Photo exhibition "Redefined"

Isatou Jallow a huge believer of story telling as an art to effect change, early this year in February started a project called "Redefined: Defying the odds" a project that tells the breakthroughs of women in The Gambia, their struggles and generally just women who inspire her in so many ways through pictures. She has decided to speak to the world through her lens and share a piece of her through an exhibition of the pilot of this project which she hopes will cover the entire country and document the stories of Gambian Women redefining and defying.

On the 21st to 28th September, She will exhibit these pictures from the first phase of this project at our grounds in Alliance. This is be accompanied with poetry, music and pictures on the 21st at the opening day from 6-8pm to tell the stories of 5women in 25 different ways.

Come through and inspire each other because #SheDefies220 is coming to you.