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France wants to support Gambian education

The French Government, in its efforts to accompany The Gambia in Education, helps students to become familiar with the French language.

France wants to support Gambian education

During an interview, at the Alliance Française de Gambie, Xavier WASSON, Cooperation Attaché at the French Embassy in Dakar, explained that Education was one of the main priority of President Emmanuel Macron.

"Because education plays a key role in everyone’s life, getting the right education is a vital necessity."
"A good education forges us for life. It allow people to improve their moods. "

Xavier WASSON explained that he wanted to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to prioritize the learning of the French language in the country in full.

"We are currently working with a group of educational advisers appointed by the Ministry of Education as well as the Alliance Française to enable them to improve the learning of French in schools."

He added that in Dakar, a large-scale meeting took place, the Regional University - BELC in Dakar, organized jointly by the CIEP and the French Embassy. 73 participants from 12 countries including The Gambia. 10 students from the University of The Gambia are currently in Dakar for Special Training.

This university - BELC was aimed at answering the particular problems of a Francophone region in a multilingual context. It has enabled French education professionals to reflect on new practices and new tools to better meet the challenges facing this sector.