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Exhibition of Baye Gallo

Exhibition of Baye Gallo

Baye Gallo is a self-taught contemporary painter born in Dakar, Senegal.

From a very young age, this passion of the drawing invades him, touched by the works of his uncle Ibou SILLA SECK, painter recognized in Senegal, he decides to register by the tattoo and the drawing what he discovers and observes with the during his life.

It is to 19 years to Saly, that he will begin to exercise his art in a rainbow of colors, rocked by the djembes which he particularly likes.
Habits, rituals that he takes everywhere in his travels. It is not uncommon to see him recover objects, a piece of wood or any other small treasure offered by nature or simply forgotten by the man of modern times.
His creations propose a reality subtly mixed with the unreal. Baye Gallo projects on his canvases a sweet ethnic mix, coming from feelings revealed on a background shared between generosity and this great desire for freedom.

Always in motion, the work of Baye Gallo is a search, a quest, it goes from the abstract to the figurative, sculpts, scratches, soda, caress. Spontaneous, thoughtful gestures that allow him to find a freedom of expression, involving the spectators in a poetic universe.

We discover and we impregnate his works, being carried away by a set of techniques that never leave indifferent.
From realization to realization, Baye Gallo always remains awake.

Exhibition from 2nd February to 2nd March in the exhibition hall of the alliance.