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The beauty of trash

The beauty of trash

The power of turning trash into Art, is something this amazing young and talented lad can do. Alphajo Jallow is a 21 year old Gambian-born, living in New York.

At the young age of 16 he met an incredible lady who as well is an artist too, she motivated and inspired him not to giving up with his passion for art. In 2010 he moved to America and continued to do what he loved, by 2011 the grand doors of opportunities opened, his work of art he once called horrible was sold out for $2000 at one of his earliest exhibitions in New York under the generous support of ProjectArt

Mr.Jallow believes that African Art has been dormant for quite a while and it is his duty to shaken it up, he believes that African artist should try new things and still have that African spice in their work of Art. Growing up in a society that knew little about the power of art and its beauty, he kept on asking questions. Alphajo wanted change in the touch of his art, he realized change wasn’t only meant to be in the studio but discovering the other sides too like the economically, socially and most importantly the political side.


He paints with one goal “how do I hold on to my identity as an African, but at the same time challenge it, while evoking a conscious thought in my audiences’ mind.” He finds the use of recycled materials very intriguing in his art work because he was not use to it back in The Gambia there was no such thing as recycled materials .in New York he tends to find the answers he’s been seeking for.

The beauty of art is undefinable, the power of turning trash into art is absurd. Have you ever seen any of his splendid work?

By December 18th 2017, Mr.Jallow will conduct and exhibition of his artwork at Alliance francaise .
This is the opportunity to see his amazing work. Why miss it?