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Art Exhibition : Keur Design #2

The "Keur design #2" exhibition will be held at the Alliance from Thursday 11th February to Saturday 27th March.
The Institut Français and the Goethe-Institut of Dakar have joined together to organize a workshop dedicated to design coordinated by the designer Ousmane Mbaye.

Art Exhibition : Keur Design #2

The objective was to lead a reflection around the possibility of reintroducing some traditional objects in Senegalese houses,
once revisited by young designers. 16 Senegalese creators have been selected; they are active in many different fields as ironworks, carpentry, sculptures in wood, wrought iron, basketry, plastic recycling, and, on the textile creation front, embroidery, beading, braiding, and even upcycling (usage of secondhand fabrics).

For two weeks, at the Center for Craft Training (CFA) in Dakar, they confronted their practices, their experiences, and their know-how with that of 8 designers from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, and Portugal. The result: hybrid forms, reinvented products, and inventiveness. All of this under the acknowledging eye of Senegalese designer Ousman Mbaye, who supervised this project supported by the network of European Cultural Centers (EUNIC).

It requires having an << eye in constant sweeping motion >>, as was said by the famous French designer Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999), meaning open to all disciplines, materials, and colors. It is to this unique experience that this exhibition welcomes you to.

Project sponsor: Ousmane Mbaye
General Coordination of project: Marine Demailly, Binta Johanna Ndiaye and Mélanie Sadio
Coordination of workshops: Maya Ayad Mroueh
Coordination of the exhibition: Olivia Marsaud
Graphism: Céline Lequeux (Studio Fifty-Fifty)

The quotes amid this exhibition were drawn from the work Contemporary Design Africa of Tapiwa Matsinde (Thames & Hudson, 2015).

Our thanks to :
The entire team of the Center for Craft Training in Dakar, notably its director Lamine Barro, for their welcome within the school and their trust.
The Sucre-Rit for the delicious breakfasts shared by the entirety of the participants of the workshops during the two weeks of workshop.
The Bennett Agency for the communication around the project.
All members of the EUNIC Senegal Cluster.
The Embassy of Austria in Dakar, the Italian Embassy in Senegal, the Goethe Institute, the Instituto Camões, the Instituto Cervantes, the French Institute in Dakar, the Instituto di cultura, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Wallonie-Bruxelles International.
And a big thanks to the Delegation of the European Union to Senegal for its support.