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Exhibition Abysses & Rivages by Sébastien Bouchard

Exhibition Abysses & Rivages by Sébastien Bouchard

Extraordinary female figures and creatures from the seabed meet on the walls and in the public space.

Sébastien Bouchard revisits with a lot of freedom myths and legends of the sea in a selection of paintings on canvas and wallpapers.

Sébastien Bouchard is an artist who has lived and worked for over 35 years between West Africa (Guinea and Senegal) and France. Through the various pictorial references and the multiplicity of mediums that he uses, he tries in his way to overcome the cleavage between folk art and scholarly art. His work refers to painting but also Graphic Arts, Pop Culture and Urban.

"In his paintings the different planes merge, mix background, surfaces and volumes, generating effects of depths unusual, which gives pride of place to the wanderings of the eye, to the spectator’s projections and to the imagination. "
Emmanuelle Chérel, art historian.

Exhibition from 26th mars to 1st April in the exhibition hall of the alliance.