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Exhibition "la recherche au service du développement"

By the "institut de recherche pour le développement"

Exhibition "la recherche au service du développement"

From 15th April till 15th May, Alliance Française de Banjul will host an exhibition Initiated by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)
22 banners / 17 objectives for a sustainable future

In 2015, during the

Ever since the adoption of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000, progress has been made in -ghting poverty and reducing inequality across the world, including improvements in school enrolment rates, mother and child health, and reducing malnutrition. However, con-icts, ongoing climate change and environmental abuses are holding back this signi-cant headway.
It was in this context that the UN adopted its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. These all fall within the scope of a single challenge: our ability to transform our societies in order to live in a better, fairer and more equal world that is
respectful of the environment and humans.

22 panels, figures, graphics and photos, this exhibition shows the public the essential role of scientific research in achieving sustainable development.