Past events

"CONTEUR D’EAU" of Adama ADEPOJU "Taxi Conteur"

"CONTEUR D'EAU" of Adama ADEPOJU "Taxi Conteur"

This public show is conceived on the basis of collecting stories of life, myths, legends and tales performed around water in 21 towns and villages in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Guinea, Liberia, Niger and Sierra Leone.

The show "Water Storyteller" is in line with research work on the renewal of aesthetics of African tale undertaken for nearly twenty years by the Company Naforo Ba Côte d’Ivoire Adama ADEPOJU says "Taxi - Storyteller".

"it is at the end of the old rope that we weave the news" so it is at the end of the stories and tales drawn from the traditional oral heritage that the artist of the speech will tie his breath to sing, to tell, to speak Water to protect the planet from "the Water War."


Water is life and everyone has their water problem. From the magic of the ocean kingdom led by Mami-Watta the queen-mother, goddess of water, to the trick of Akendêwa the bearded spider with fragile legs, creator of the water dance and going through the fabulous destiny beautiful Sadjo and her hippopotamus Mali; everyone has their water problem.

Everyone from age five
Duration: 1h