Past events

Essential course on transitional justice

Under the patronage of the Ambassador of France in Dakar for Senegal and the Gambia, his excellency Mister CHRISTOPHE BIGOT
The Minister of Justice of the Gambia, his excellency Mister ABUBACARR TAMBADOU,

On 3 and 4 October, the Alliance Française of Banjul had the honor of hosting the seminar on transitional justice organized by the Ministry of Justice

During these two days, we had the chance to receive four experts in the field:

  • Mr. Suma, from International Center for Transitional Justice
  • Mr. Howard Varney, from International Center for Transitional Justice
  • Ms. Kora Andrieu, from UN Support Mission in Libya
  • Mr Pierre Osseland, from the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs

At this session, the origin of the most common ideas on transitional justice, the different ways in which it is understood, and the key components that may be applicable in the Gambia, have been discussed.

Louis Joinet summarized transitional justice under four pillars:

  • The right to the truth (establishment of facts, seeking of missing persons, archives, etc.)
  • The right to justice (commissions of inquiry, national, regional, international and mixed justice)
  • The right to reparation (individual and/or collective reparation programmes, public apologies, memorials, remenbrance,etc.)
  • The guarantee of non-recurrence, through the implementation of institutional reforms (constitutions, structural reforms, security institutions,ect.)